AccuroFit Features & Benefits

Dynamic Heart Rate Display

Capturing data such as heart rate, calories burned, training zone and intensity has proved to be attractive to small group training participants. Heart rate monitors and wearable technology help each participant train at the right intensity based on their own body metrics. 

The small group training experience is significantly enhanced when technology is incorporated into the programming. Capturing information motivates members to exercise in their ideal heart rate zone and get the most out of each workout. This data, ranging from heart rate to intensity points earned, is displayed onscreen throughout a class and then emailed after the session. Because members are able to keep track of their progress, they are more confident in their training. Having context and insight into their training increases member loyalty to a club and overall demand for such classes.

  • Track and display heart rate in class and in general workout environments
  • Easily customizable screens, heart rate zones, and overall branding
  • Compatible with Accuro and other heart rate monitors
  • Boosts membership retention
  • Engages, motivates, and retains your existing members

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