Motivating healthier lifestyles by financially rewarding verified wellness behaviors.

Welcome to BEARN

At Accuro, we know your members are working hard, and you are working hard to keep them happy. But what happens when member motivation starts to fade, and unhealthy habits rear their ugly head? Do you see your retention rates start to drop? Are members no longer excited to work out and keep healthy? What can you do to better motivate and inspire your members to continue to improve and be healthy, all while improving your retention and increasing revenue?

Welcome to BEARN. A feature within Accuro that is built to motivate healthier lifestyles by financially rewarding verified wellness behaviors, specifically within your club utilizing an array of Accuro powered technology.

Your members can even use Apple Health, Google Fit, and Samsung Health as well to earn Bearn Bucks through your app when not in the club.

Bearn Goals for Members - Transparent

How Does It Work?

Within the Accuro mobile app and in-club solution, the BEARN engine incentivizes users to improve their health and wellness in exchange for real monetary rewards. Bearn rewards users for doing the activities they already love, including working out in your club, with your community. Earnings can be spent instantly in the marketplace for savings on products, services, and experiences.


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Health Credit Score

Validated sources are used to create the first ever unique, proprietary Health Credit Score for your club members. This enables them to assess their health status, identify areas to focus on and get rewarded for specific improvements.
  • 300  -  Insufficiently Active
  • 580  -  Moderately Active
  • 670  -  Active
  • 800  -  Very Active
  • 850  -  Exceptional
Health Credit Score

Challenges / Leaderboards

Wellness is not a solitary journey. Our challenges enable your community to connect and compete in individual, team, and club-wide friendly competitions, designed to engage your members and promote healthy living. Each challenge comes with its own leaderboard, with rewards that can be customized to your community. This drives even higher participation in wellness activities that make your members healthier and happier.


LeaderBoard - Group - Mid (16)

3-D Health Scans

We offer your members instant access to virtual 3D Face + Body Scan tech that can be completed right from a smartphone, delivering a host of biometric and respiratory markers, indicators and risks. Making the technology easily accessible to your community ensures they have the tools to be proactive about their health, which motivates behavior change and helps to manage existing conditions.

In addition to this gamification, we also provide bioimpedance scanning technology that can validate exercise compliance and accuracy.

Body Scan

  • Body Circumference
  • Body Composition
  • Health Indicators
  • Health Risks

Face Scan

  • Heart Rate
  • Blood Pressure
  • Health Indicators
  • Stroke | Heart Attack

Health Report

  • BMI
  • Fat Mass
  • Resting Metabolic Rate
  • Active Metabolic Rate
  • Lean Body Mass
Health Scans - Phone - transparent-1

Bearn Marketplace / Rewards Platform

As your community completes wellness activities while utilizing the Accuro platform, they earn cash. Once earned, depending on the partner relationship, they can apply earnings towards products, services, and experiences in the Bearn Marketplace, or get re-routed to your own rewards platform.

Monthly Marketplace Averages:

  • $4.3 million a month in merchandise
  • $12.1 million a month in hotel bookings
  • 21,000 local deal redemptions per month

Bearn Marketplace:

  • 11M+ Monthly Active Users
  • Retail Brands:  4,500+
  • Flights & Car Rentals:  30,000+
  • Hotels & Resorts:  900,000+
  • Cruises & Tours:  30,000+
Bearn Marketplace for Website