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The Accuro Mobile Health App has been built for your club’s members to collect their training activity data and bio-data from multiple Accuro devices. Data is collected with little effort on the part of the member and is then stored in a secured, private cloud for future use.

The app allows your members to:

  • Keep track of and manage their PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence) score
  • Track their sleep history
  • Track their steps and total distance moved
  • Record, store, and track in-club and out-of-club workouts
  • Measure intensity by a unique points system
  • Track progress over time by monitoring weight loss and blood pressure improvement
  • View real time heart rate displayed in colored heart rate zone chart or dashboard
  • View calories burned per minute of a workout
  • Record, store, and track weight and body fat data via in-club or at-home scales
  • Record, store, and track blood pressure via a Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Record, store, and track activity via a Bluetooth Activity Monitor
  • Set and track their progress towards goals
  • Track their activity level and gradually increase their time and reps
  • See their progress immediately via the app (and in some cases, online in a format that allows you to view your progress versus others)
  • Heart rate train and monitor their progression

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