Introducing... AccuroLIVE!

The fitness world is changing. But, what’s certain is that fitness professionals need a new and innovative way to reach, connect and deliver results for their members.

AccuroLIVE is a live virtual gym training tool that displays the heart rate feedback of all participants on one screen, no matter where in the world they choose to workout. You can transform your member's homes into a virtual group training experience, complete with real-time intensity feedback.

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What's Involved?

Participants will be able to enjoy your in-club class experience with instructors they know and trust, all while seeing each other's real-time intensity feedback, encouraging competition, driving motivation, and improving results.

Fully Branded For You!

AccuroLIVE is a fully branded solution for your club, which includes a fully branded mobile app. You can utilize any streaming services you would like, including Zoom, Facebook Live, Instragram Live, etc. The instructor hosting the class is able to monitor and instruct all of the members and encourage participants with live feedback.