lynk2 bands

Help Your Heart Go

LYNK2 is a heart rate fitness tracker that can be customized and integrated into group solutions fitness applications and systems through an open device SDK. LYNK2 features a versatile, modular, pocket-sized design that can be worn in different ways—on a wristband, in an armband or in apparel.

In addition to continuous heart rate monitoring with best in class Heart Rate Technology, LYNK2 stores up to 30 hours of workout data, and uses open BLE and ANT+ HR transmission up to 100 ft.

The user-friendly design and features of the LYNK2 make it ideal for many circumstances. Long-term or eldercare residents or staff can use it to easily and non-invasively monitor vital health statistics. To encourage more movement throughout the day, schools can use the LYNK2 to challenge students. Trainers can use LYNK2 to monitor professional athletes’ physical stress markers and build safer training plans. And for first responders in a dangerous recovery effort, LYNK2 seamlessly transmits location and vitals.

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