Why Your Club Should Be Heart Rate Training - Free Whitepaper!

Increase Revenue & Improve Retention!

Your members spend their hard earned money at your club for an enhanced health experience. If you are giving them certified group training, you probably have the right information on heart rate training and you know about the heart rate zones of the body, you are only missing one thing - getting your members to buy fully into your heart rate training program!

Getting your members to start a proper heart rate training program is almost as difficult as fighting the IRS - you need the entire club to have your back, including management and every staff member. All of your coaches must make a heart rate training program a part of the curriculum so that members become used to the habit. If the front line holds the line, everyone else will follow suit!
How do you execute a plan like this? How do you get your staff onboard? How do you show your members the value? Learn all of that and more. See how Heart Rate Training can increase your revenue and improve your member retention!

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